Scanner could help find aliens on other planets, scientists say – Deseret News

Researchers have created a new (*checks notes*) fully automated microchip electrophoresis analyzer that could help find organic biosignatures in soil from other planets.

“Specifically, it can detect organic acids, even when water, minerals or salts are in the material.

The new “portable, battery-powered ME-LIF instrument” could take a sample and determine if these organic molecules are included, according to a release rom the American Chemical Society.

Publisher: Deseret News
Date: 2020-09-19T15:00:00-06:00
Author: Herb Scribner
Twitter: @deseretnews
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While you’re here, how about this:

DH Toon | Is the Great Wall in China ‘spying’ on aliens?

A Shenzen-based tech firm is monitoring over 10,000 individuals and organisations, including the Indian Prime Minister and President, across the world, according to multiple media reports.

According to a copy of the database that was left unsecured on the Internet and retrieved by an Australian cybersecurity consultancy, China’s Zhenhua Data Information Technology Co, which has ties with the Chinese government, and the country’s Communist Party, has stocked a global database of “foreign targets”.

Publisher: Deccan Herald
Date: 2020-09-20T07:38:37 05:30
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From Venus, a sign of our smallness | Newsday

There is a peak in the San Gabriel Mountains northeast of Los Angeles that is hallowed ground — for astronomers and, really, for all humankind.

Atop that peak is the famed Mount Wilson Observatory. It was in the news last week, not because of a new celestial discovery but because it was being threatened by wildfire. The flames got within 500 feet before firefighters turned it back, preserving a facility that still functions but that is best known for the amazing work Edwin Hubble did there nearly a century ago.

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Author: Michael Dobie
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The Times view on the hunt for extraterrestrials: Space Oddity | Comment | The Times

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In case you are keeping track:

48 hours on, no headway in bid to rob gas agency staff : The Tribune India

The SHO of the Kotwali police station said the police were working on the case, but so far they had failed to get any breakthrough.

On Wednesday, around 1 pm, three miscreants reached the spot on a motorcycle where the three employees of Amarsons Gas Agency were delivering cylinders to consumers. They tried to snatch the bag of cash from Babu Lal, one of the employees.

Meanwhile, the other employees, Pawan and Balram, came forward to save Babu Lal after which the miscreants opened fire from their country made .12 bore pistol. The three employees were injured in the incident. The miscreants fled the spot after the firing.

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Author: Tribune News Service
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US Space Force deploys to the Arabian Desert |

The newly formed U.S. Space Force is deploying troops to a vast new frontier: the Arabian Peninsula. 

Space Force now has a squadron of 20 airmen stationed at Qatar’s Al-Udeid Air Base in its first foreign deployment. The force, pushed by President Donald Trump, represents the sixth branch of the U.S. military and the first new military service since the creation of the Air Force in 1947.

It has provoked skepticism in Congress, satire on Netflix, and, with its uncannily similar logo, “Star Trek” jokes about intergalactic battles. 

Date: 9/21/2020 8:55:32 AM
Twitter: @WNEP
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Metis filmmaker continues to explore sci-fi themes through Indigenous lens with Parallel Minds |

It’s perhaps a sign of Benjamin Ross Hayden’s unyielding ambition that a conversation with the young Metis filmmaker about his new thriller, Parallel Minds, keeps veering off-topic.

Not far off-topic, mind you. But Hayden seems keen to talk not only about his most recent film, which will debut as part of the Calgary International Film Festival’s opening night on Thursday, but his next one as well.

Shot mostly in Calgary and at the CL Ranch west of Calgary in 2018, Hayden had just finished the extensive visual effects in post-production before the pandemic hit. Production of First Encounter, which takes place in the 1990s in a small town that is invaded by mysterious, inter-dimensional forces from an Indigenous extraterrestrial world, had also wrapped by August of 2019.

Author: Eric Volmers
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